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Psychedelics are unlocking new frontiers in human exploration. PsycheX is your guide – we provide education, resources, and a community for those seeking to understand and amplify the transformative power of these therapies in their own lives or lives of others.


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Founded by a team of veterans, entrepreneurs, healers, and investors dedicated to revolutionizing mental health care - our approach is pioneering new pathways to peak performance and well-being.

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Our services are designed to support individuals and organizations in harnessing the transformative power of psychedelics.

Specialized Retreats

Our retreats offer a transformative environment for deep healing through guided psychedelic therapies. Originally developed for veterans with PTSD, our approach focuses on holistic well-being to foster profound personal growth and renewal that accelerate healing from within.

Research Collaborations

PsycheX is at the forefront of psychedelic research, collaborating with universities, healthcare institutions, and independent researchers. These partnerships help develop safe, effective, and innovative treatments that can revolutionize mental health care.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to healthcare providers and organizations interested in integrating psychedelic therapies into their practice. Our team of experts offers guidance on best practices, training for therapists to ensure the safe effective implementation.

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Learn more about our founder, Josh Halu, and his journey of recovery from PTSD after serving as an Army Ranger for the US Military

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Hear from those who have experienced the transformative power of PsycheX. Our testimonials highlight the profound impact our programs have had on participants, sharing their personal journeys of healing, growth, and self-discovery. These stories reflect the life-changing experiences that PsycheX has facilitated.​

“I am grateful to Sacred Soldier for allowing me to feel safe during my first retreat. It was a life changing experience and left an impactful desire to continue moving forward with my healing. Thank you for your professionalism and ease of service."
Edith Ocampo
“Sacred Solider isn’t just a retreat, it’s a community that I’m so happy to have found. Thanks to them, I’ve regained control of my life and now passionately advocate for natural plant medicines. I highly recommend Sacred Soldier to anyone exploring alternative PTSD treatments.”
John Black
"I stand behind Josh's mission 100% and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to meet him and benefit from the brilliant work he’s doing to serve others."
Brett Baughmann
We are the industries top respected resource for psychedelic wellness