Marketing & Consulting for Psychedelic Companies

We understand the nuance that is needed when building companies that leverage psychedelic therapies.

The psychedelic landscape is rapidly evolving, offering exciting possibilities for businesses seeking to make a positive impact on mental wellness. At PsycheX, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities this industry presents. We are here to be your trusted partner, providing expert consulting and marketing services to help your psychedelic business thrive.

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We help entrepreneurs navigate the business of psychedelics.

Strategic Consulting

Our consulting services guide you through the intricacies of launching and operating a psychedelic business. We help you develop a clear vision, navigate legal and regulatory hurdles, craft a winning business plan, and assemble a qualified team of professionals.

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communications services help you establish a strong brand identity, reach your audience with targeted strategies, and educate the public about the potential of psychedelic therapies through informative content and a well-managed online presence.


PsycheX recognizes the importance of building a strong community within the psychedelic industry. We can help you connect with like-minded businesses, researchers, and healthcare professionals, and develop strategies to advocate for responsible and ethical psychedelic practices.

Ready to unlock your potential?

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Our success, echoed by our clients

Hear from those who have experienced the transformative power of PsycheX. Our testimonials highlight the profound impact our programs have had on participants, sharing their personal journeys of healing, growth, and self-discovery. These stories reflect the life-changing experiences that PsycheX has facilitated.​

“I am grateful to Sacred Soldier for allowing me to feel safe during my first retreat. It was a life changing experience and left an impactful desire to continue moving forward with my healing. Thank you for your professionalism and ease of service."
Edith Ocampo
“Sacred Solider isn’t just a retreat, it’s a community that I’m so happy to have found. Thanks to them, I’ve regained control of my life and now passionately advocate for natural plant medicines. I highly recommend Sacred Soldier to anyone exploring alternative PTSD treatments.”
John Black
"I stand behind Josh's mission 100% and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to meet him and benefit from the brilliant work he’s doing to serve others."
Brett Baughmann